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Conchman – Jimmy Buffett Style

The Conchman IBA Music
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Patrick is the steel pan playing, Jimmy Buffett singing, jazz solo, Conch Shell player. He is a multi-instrumentalist; consummate Steel Pannist, Keyboardist, and Trombonist who also enjoys singing and playing his 8 string Ukuleles. This accomplished musician and entertainer has such a diverse resume, that one may wonder just what is his specialty, and the answer is, EVERYTHING.

However, it’s when he picks up one of his many Conch Shells and plays melodies and Jazz improvisations that audiences are amazed. This unique and extraordinary talent has earned him the nickname, “The Conch Man.”

Patrick has been captivated by island rhythms since he was four years old and his family moved from Topeka, Kansas to the island of Bermuda. Having spent years of his youth living on the island, Patrick has fully absorbed the tropical culture and music of the region.

It was during his tenure with the Island Breeze Caribbean band that he began to conjure the island rhythms of his youth. The time spent working with a variety of musicians from Jamaica, Grenada, Dominica, Antigua, The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago indoctrinated him into the world of Reggae, Calypso, Soca and Zouk. It was only a matter of time before he got his first set of Double Tenor Steel Pans. It only came natural to this musician to master the songs of the steel drum and experiment with the sounds of the Conch Shell delighting audiences who never resist getting up on their feet, while enjoying his sweet melodies.

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