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Nathi Gcabashe – African Sololist

  • Singing a message of love and peace in my Global Village

Nathi is that perfect artist: a versatile performer of many moods who is able to go from adult contemporary chill to high-energy and engaging crowd pleaser. As a singer/songwriter guitarist and record producer from Durban, South Africa, he is an authentic addition to any musical experience including an international festival celebrating diversity or a quiet evening of introspect.

Known for his powerful vocals, Nathi belts out tunes in a variety of Afro-pop genres including originals from his native KwaZulu-Natal region. His infectious smile, high kicks and traditional dance moves have the unmistakable ability to command audience attention.

With tales of his global travel and indigenous upbringing in his performances, Nathi shares his love of music and Africa with all audiences – even those who have already seen him always want more!

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