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Nicholas Marks – World Music & Flamenco Pop

  • Find Nicholas Marks performing Wednesday to Sunday @ Disney Springs
  • Performances run from 7:00pm to 11:00pm on show days

If you need to bring a vibrant and talented act for your event, then the international Gypsy Guitarist, Nicholas Marks will not disappoint you.

Often referred to as the “Jimi Hendrix” of Flamenco music, Nicholas Marks has truly made his mark on World Music throughout the state of Florida. Audiences are mesmerized as he holds the guitar high over his head, behind his back, and down on his knees, it’s amazing! Never one to follow tradition, his sound can be called “Flamenco Pop.”

Nicholas’ music can be described as a blend of American Pop music with the rich and fiery Spanish Flamenco beat and Gypsy rhythm. People not only enjoy his music but find it so infectious that it’s hard to sit still.

Going to a Nicholas Marks performance will set your soul on fire! The time is right to bring back real music that resonates with passion, love, and romance. Not only are adults enamored with his playing, but children are delighted as well.

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