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Viva Gaia – Tropical Party!

  • Performing around our Global Village!
  • Available for your next event!

Viva Gaia Street Band (Viva Gaia Carnivale) is a multicultural explosion of music and dance, a kaleidoscope of colors, costumes, rhythm and movement. It is a fiery mix of melody and masquerade for which the troupe is well known on Discovery Island.

Our repertoire is rooted in traditional rhythms of equatorial regions from the Caribbean steel drum, to PanAfrican jazz and percussion indigenous to world music. Our colony of artists represents world cultures giving the music a contemporary feel, but it invokes a connection to traditions “far away”. The other influences in music and visual arts draw upon Australia aboriginal tradition, Mexico and Peru, Native American, Bali and Indonesian folks styles.

In reality, Viva Gaia Carnivale is a high-energy interactive performance much like Zumba with all the latest Latin Tropical and Pop, Caribbean and Brazilian with some Top 40. Lots of energy and not to be confused with a casual meet and greet. Costumes are hand-painted and colors are vivid.

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