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  • Come hear us live everyday at Harambe Village in Animal Kingdom!!

Wassalou is an Afropop band that presents a unique talent to the North American cultural landscape. It’s the only band of its kind in Florida, bringing language, colorful traditional costuming and dance straight out of Africa. Afropop is a term used to refer to contemporary African pop music. This term doesn’t necessarily refer to a specific style or sound, but rather is used as a general reference to popular music originating in Africa.

Their repertoire includes Hi-Life, Afro 6/8, Soukous and other popular African dance music similar to that which can be heard on Paul Simon’s Graceland album. The four-member band captivates their audience with an invigorating taste of the music of the “mother land” and stimulating dance moves

This high-energy, interactive band emphasizes crowd participation and is often a hit with the tourists during their frequent performances at Harambe Village, in  Animal Kingdom. Their level of performance and musicianship remains unmatched in this country.


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