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Our Team

Glen Barclay

CEO / Executive Producer
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Glen is the Executive Producer of IBA MUSIC and has spent over 28 years producing and directing live entertainment shows for the hospitality industry in Central Florida. He has a wealth of expertise and experience in the corporate, theme park and world music entertainment scenes. Glen also has extensive knowledge in the preparation and presentation of live stage productions. He is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of IBA, including live shows in Central Florida’s major theme parks. As a business executive and former musician, Glen is able to represent both sides and strike the perfect balance to keep both clients and musicians happy. His unique eye for talent, and his extraordinary business skills have propelled Glen to be one of the most trusted and sought-after sources for authentic world music and entertainment to corporate clients in Central Florida.

Nicholas Culp

Audio Engineer / Event Coordinator / Talent Agent
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As an experienced talent scout with a natural passion for music, Nicholas is an audio-visual expert who plays a key role in many parts of the IBA organization. He controls the technical aspects of IBA’s business, supports the growing network of entertainers and controls day-to-day operations under IBA’s management. With an Associate’s Degree in Recording Arts and Bachelor’s Degree in Entertainment Business, Nicholas has also engineered for the best of IBA’s talent at world-class events and theme parks across Central and South Florida. Nicholas is also responsible for the organization, scheduling, and coordination of the company’s talent for a range clients, from private functions to large scale corporate events. His versed, accurate ear for music and sound has helped to maintain the high standard of live music delivered by IBA at all events.

Di Ann Starr

Corporate Accounts Manager
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Di Ann is the Corporate Accounts Manager and ensures that the finances of the company are kept on target and that entertainers and clients are equally satisfied. From IBA’s early days, she has been present for and played a key role in many of the company’s significant business decisions. Although finance is her forte, Di Ann has been able to pair her love for the entertainment industry with her business role. Di Ann also helps to prepare contracts for the artists and clients, which is an integral part of the business’ success.

Mari Santana

Director of Communications

Mari Santana is our Communications Specialist and Multicultural Branding Specialist. She is a fully bilingual, bi-cultural, award-winning veteran broadcast journalist, news anchor, producer, and reporter.

As a 15 year Walt Disney Co. spokesperson and public relations executive, she gained an impressive hands-on experience in the successful launch of over 100 global impact products and events. She is our go-to expert in delivering world-class event planning, public relations, marketing, media training, message development & storytelling to our clients.